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Child Induction

Gosforth Park Out of School Club

Child Induction Policy


When children first join Gosforth Park Out of School Club they will be allowed to settle in at their own pace.

We encourage parents or carers to visit the premises with their children shortly before they are due to start. This gives the children the opportunity to look around the Club and ask any questions.

If necessary, parents or carers may stay with their children during the first session to help them settle in.


Induction for new children


  • The new child will be introduced to all members of staff and informed about any other regular visitors to the
  • EYFS children and their parents will be introduced to their key workers, they will be offered a 15 minute appointment for this. They will previously be sent an All About Me booklet and encouraged to fill that in and bring it
  • The Club’s activities, rules and routines, such as snacks, signing in and signing out, will be explained.
  • The child will be shown around the Club and told where they can and cannot
  • The fire evacuation procedure and the locations of all fire exits will be
  • The child will be introduced to the other children at the Club and allocated a ‘buddy’ who will assist them with finding their way around and involving them in
  • Staff will keep a close eye on the new child and will ensure that they are happy, engaged and feel secure in the Club
  • Parents will be given an important information sheet at this visit.

If a child seems to be taking an unusually long time to settle in, this will be discussed with their parents or carers to see what can be done to make the transition easier.


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