Important Info for Easter Hols and Half Terms

Arrival times

Morning sessions run from 8am to 1pm, afternoon sessions from 1pm to 6pm. Please feel free to drop your child off or pick them up at anytime.



Children who attend full day sessions will need to bring a packed lunch. Breakfast and tea are included in the price. We can not store packed lunches in a fridge so suggest you use an ice block. We do have a healthy eating policy so would encourage you to pack a healthy lunch for your children to help us with this. If you are including grapes in your child's packed lunch please could you ensure that they are cut in half lengthways. Lunches are usually eaten between 12 and 1pm so sometimes children only in for the morning like to have a packed lunch too.


What to bring

Please ensure you provide your children with hat and coat as appropriate for our wonderful British weather.  We would also suggest that children never wear best clothes to attend – we often do messy activities.



What not to bring and policy regarding hand held games, ipads and phones

We would prefer that children did not bring their own hand held computer games and ipads to the Club but we do not ban them. We find that children who do bring them tend to not partake and enjoy themselves as much. Time allowed on them will be restricted to between 8 and 9.30 am in the morning, for 30 minutes around lunchtime at the staff's discretion and between 5pm and 6pm. These time restricitions are also place on the Wii console in the older children's area. We accept no responsibility for lost games or consoles. Children must not bring phones or cameras or any handheld toy that includes a camera, for safe guarding reasons. Children must not bring any game that is unsuitable for young children, as often they sit in groups to play these games. What you consider ok for your ten year old may not be ok for a 5 year old sitting next to him or her. Any such games will be confiscated by the staff. If you do want them to have a phone then these need to be kept by a member of staff. You can always contact your children via the Club mobile phone - 07941413728


Arrival and Departure Procedures

Please make sure that you sign your child in and out on the registers with a note of the time. On trip and workshop days this signature is also giving permission for your child to partake in the trip or activity for that day. This will be noted at the top of the register when relevant.


All trips have a full risk assessment carried out beforehand, a First Aid kit and emergency contact details for the children are carried by the staff. Please arrive by 930am, at the latest, on the day of a trip.