Lockdown policy – Gosforth Park Out of School Club Ltd


Lockdown procedures may be activated in response to any number of situations, but some of the more typical ones might be


A reported incident of civil disturbance in the local community which poses a risk to the out of school club.

An intruder on the site with the potential to pose a risk to the club community.

A warning received regarding the risk of air pollution (smoke plume/gas cloud)

A major fire in the vicinity.

A dangerous dog roaming loose.



In the event of an incident that requires a lockdown:

Pupils outside must be brought into school

All external doors and windows must be locked

Once in lockdown all children must be counted and identified. Any child missing must be immediately searched for.

Staff should encourage children to keep calm

The club must contact emergency services.

Children will not be released to parents during lockdown.

Staff should await instructions from emergency services.



It is of vital importance the lockdown procedures are familiar to all staff.





A partial lockdown


This may be as a result of a reported incident or civil disturbance in the local community with the potential to pose a risk to children. It may also apply to a warning of air pollution etc.


Immediate action:

All outside activities cease immediately and children and staff move inside the building.

Everyone remains inside with doors and windows locked.

Free movement may be permitted within the building depending on the circumstances.

Once everyone is inside staff will conduct an ongoing dynamic risk assessment based on advice from the emergency service’s. Partial lockdown should be seen as precautionary


Full lockdown


This signifies an immediate threat to the club and may be an escalation of a partial lockdown

Immediate action


All children must be kept together.

External doors locked

Windows locked and blinds drawn

Children sit quietly out of sight (eg under tables)

Register taken


Staff and children remain in lockdown until it has been lifted by a senior member of the emergency services


During lockdown, staff will keep agreed lines of communication open but not make unnecessary phone calls as this could delay more important communications.


Communication with parents and carers


In a lockdown it is advised that parents are advised of the incident as soon as practicable. Parents and carers will obviously be concerned but accurate communication of information will help alleviate undue anxiety.


Parents and carers should be given enough information so that they are reassured that the club understands their concerns for their child’s welfare and are doing everything to ensure their child’s safety.

Parents and carers need to be reassured so they do not constantly call and tie up phone lines needed for emergency services.

Do not come to club as they could interfere with access by emergency services and may put themselves in danger.

Parents should be told to wait for the club to contact them when its safe to collect their children


Emergency services


It is important to keep lines of communication open with emergency services as they are best placed to offer advice as the situation unfolds.