Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take childcare vouchers?

Yes we accept childcare vouchers. We are currently registered with Allsave, Sodhexo (account number 143619), Faircare, Computershare Voucher Services, Fideliti (GOS003C), Kiddivouchers, Care-4 (acc no 08814457), Edenred  (P539615), Childcare Plus, Enjoy, Busy Bees and Co-operative. If your employer is registered with a different scheme we would be happy to join this too.


When will I know about my place in September?

We are unable to allocate places until we know which children are leaving as we run at full capacity. This usually happens during July. Where possible we will tell you earlier than this, and sometimes are able to start allocating after the May half term, but it may not be until the middle of July.


Which holidays are you open?

We open all holidays except for the Christmas break.


Who do I tell if my child is not coming?

Please call or text the Club mobile on 07941413728. Do not send an email as it may not be seen in time.


Do I still have to pay if we go on holiday during term time, or if my child doesn’t attend a session?

Yes you do. Term time places are regular and paid for regardless if you actually use them or not. You do not have to pay a retainer over the holidays and during the holidays you only pay for sessions that you have booked


How do I change my sessions?

Please send us an email, do not ask the staff to pass on a message. We require 4 weeks notice of any changes.


Can I book extra sessions during term time?

Yes we can take children for extra sessions subject to availability. Please, preferably send an email  or if not ask the staff in the Club.


Why I have been charged a late fee?

If your child is booked in until 5pm and you inform us that you are going to be late you will be charged for an extra hour. If this happens on a regular basis you will be asked to make a regular booking until 6pm. If you do not inform us a penalty fee of £5 per 15 minutes or part thereof per child will be charged.

If you collect your child after 6pm a penalty fee of £10 per family per 15 minutes will be charged.

To avoid the staff being in the difficult position of deciding who does and doesn't have a reasonable "excuse" for lateness we ask them to give all parents who arrive after 5pm or 6pm a late fee invoice. There is no leeway for a "few minutes" - we have to have a cut off at some point and experience tells us that if we allow a five minute leeway, people will then start arriving ten minutes late to collect their children and leaving us understaffed.  If you feel it is very unfair as there were exceptional circumstances then please do contact one of us by email.

We do not consider roadworks exceptional circumstances and would ask that you make allowances for roadworks. If it is not possible for you to pick your child up at 5pm then you are welcome to book a 6pm session rather than 5pm for an extra £3.80. As long as we know in advance we can make sure we are staffed accordingly



Why do I have to pay if I cancel my holiday place in less than 7 days?

All holiday places are paid for on booking. Occasionally this is impractical, for example when a parent makes a last minute booking, in which case we ask that you pay when you drop the child off. If the place is cancelled with less than 7 days notice, even if it has been booked at short notice it will have to be paid for. Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice receive a credit for future child care.


The reason for this policy is that we have to staff the Club according to how many children we have in any one session. Our staff are very flexible and often able to come in at short notice, for which we are very grateful as it allows us to provide last minute places for parents. However we do not believe it reasonable to cancel their hours with less than 7 days notice.