Holiday Playscheme

Come and Join in the Holiday Fun

Do your children tend to get bored after a while?

Do you work and there is no way you can take the whole time off?

Do your children want to have fun with their friends and you want to know they are safe?

For the last 2 years parents have been solving these problems by bringing their children to our  Holiday Playscheme. We provide fun, excitement and a variety of activities for all ages of children with all manner of interests.

We are not a sports playscheme running in the holidays only. We are OFSTED registered, we have qualified child care workers who work all year round in our Club, we offer a range of activities - not just sporty ones, we offer quality child care ten hours each day, we take the children on trips or bring in workshop providers, we provide breakfast and tea and you can book anything from a single half day to the full week. We are open every school holiday except for Christmas.


“The appeal to my children is the welcoming, calm, caring and inclusive nature of the care – it is not just sporty children who will have fun. My youngest son was especially keen to do craft activities sometimes and have sporty activities at other times. Having looked around at other opportunities and sampled a couple of other holiday sports clubs the individuality and attention of the care was much higher at your club.”  - A response in our post Summer Holiday 2013 survey

"Your club is brilliant", "I have been impressed by the activities offered and the children love attending which is what matters", "The staff are wonderful, so caring and friendly" - Some responses in our post Summer Holiday 2014 survey

"This holiday is the first the kids have spent with your club, and they have loved it - thank you to you and your team."

"I just wanted to add what a great job the team are doing with the Holiday Club, A is having a great time. The staff were great in recognising he needed a little extra support/encouragement - they're a real asset to the organisation"

- A couple of the emails we received from parents during the summer holidays 2020

"Each and every one of the team at the club took time out to make her feel welcome. Nothing was too much trouble for them" - A parent during summer holidays 2015


"A lifesaver in the holidays"

"I thought the club was excellent & the variety of activities were great. The staff loved playing with the children & were easy to talk to."

"Although the boys did not attend many sessions they were made to feel very welcome and always came home very excited and enthusiastic about their day. Exactly what we're looking for in holiday childcare!" - Some responses in our post Summer Holiday 2016 survey

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