Most of the information in our out of school club policies is on this page, however if you would like copies of the full policies please just ask, copies are kept in the Club.

Late Collection

When you drop your children off or collect them please don’t forget to sign the attendance sheet. If someone other than the authorised person is going to collect them please let us know.

It is also very important to let us know if your child is not going to be attending after school. Please do not send a message through the class teacher or via the child. You can leave us a note or ring and leave a message on any of the contact numbers. If we do not receive a message we have to ring you or your emergency contacts this is time consuming for staff at the busiest time of day when their focus is on getting the children settled. If we can get no reply we then have to ring the police to report the child missing. Please do not use email to inform us of a child not attending if it is within 24 hours as we can not guarantee to see it in time.

All children from the First and Primary Schools are collected from school by a member of staff. Reception and nursery children are     collected directly from their classrooms. Other children are asked to meet us as follows:

St Oswalds - in the dining hall

Broadway East - in the school hall

Gosforth Park - in the school hall

The children are signed out by a member of the school staff and escorted by members of the out of school club staff to the Club. These escorts are all known to school staff. Children aged 8 and over can come unaccompanied if they wish. For this we must first have a letter of consent from parents.

Children at GEMS have to go to and come from school unaccompanied. We still need a letter of consent for this.

We recognise that there are occasions when breakdowns and emergencies will cause children to be collected late and staff will do all in their power to allow for this and minimise the children’s distress. However on some occasions it may not be possible to stay on the school premises with the child. If the child is uncollected 15 minutes after the official closing time and we have not heard from you, the emergency contact will be notified and asked to collect the child.

If your child is booked in until 5pm and you inform us that you are going to be late you will be charged for an extra hour. If this happens on a regular basis you will be asked to make a regular booking until 6pm. If you do not inform us a penalty fee of £5 per 15 minutes or part thereof per child will be charged.

If you collect your child after 6pm a penalty fee of £10 per family will be charged per 15 minutes.