Most of the information in our out of school club policies is on this page, however if you would like copies of the full policies please just ask, copies are kept in the Club.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

What and Where

All children have a completed registration form. These details are kept securely online and are password protected accessible by staff only.

Copies of the registration forms are kept in the filing cabinet on the OSC premises. Copies of permission for emergency treatment are also kept in this filing cabinet.

Permission for emergency treatment forms are kept in the filing cabinet in the OSC Permission for medication forms are kept in the filing cabinet in the OSC.

Accident records are kept in the filing cabinet in the OSC.

Home Club booklets for EYFS children are kept by the children.

Monitoring sheets for EYFS children are kept in the OSC.

Incident reports are kept in the OSC and on computer in Dropbox.

Risk Assessments are kept in the OSC.

Staff records - Pay, Tax, NI, names, addresses and record of appraisals are kept at home of Margaret Higgins, Director and Joanna Price, Director.



Time and Date of all written entries are recorded.

All written entries are signed.

Written records are legible.

All records written in permanent ink.

Errors scored through with a single line, dated, signed and remain legible.

Information is clear and understandable to others.

Include full names.

No jargon or abbreviations.

All texts sent and received need to be recorded with date and time – texts informing us that a child is not coming can be recorded on the register.

Do not use a child’s name in the subject box of an email.

All lost/misplaced records are reported as an incident to the Club Leader and Directors.


Data Protection

At Gosforth Park OSC we respect the privacy of children, their parents and carers as well as the privacy of our staff.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone using and working at GPOSC can do so with confidence that their personal data is being kept secure.

Our lead person for data protection is Jo Price. The lead person ensures that the club meets the requirements of the GDPR liaises with the statutory bodies when necessary and responds to any subject access requests.



 Within the club we respect confidentiality in the following ways:

We will only ever share information with a parent about their own child.

Information given by parents to the club about their child will not be passed onto a third party without permission unless there is a safeguarding issue (as covered in our safeguarding policy).

Concerns or evidence relating to a child’s safety, will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the club, except with designated child protection managers.

Staff will only discuss individual children for the purpose of planning and group management.

Staff are made aware of the importance of confidentiality during their inductions.

Issues relating to the employment of staff, whether paid or voluntary, will remain confidential to those making personnel decisions.

All personal data relating to staff is stored securely at the home of Margaret Higgins, director.

All personal data relating to parents and children is stored securely on the website and is only accessible via a password protected tablet, laptop, desktop or on a passcode locked phone. The website is also password protected.

Students on work placements and volunteers are informed of our data protection policy and are required to respect it. 


Information that we keep

 Children and parents

We only hold information necessary to provide a childcare service for each child. This includes registration and agreement information, medical information, parent contact information, attendance records, incident and accident records and so forth. Once a child leaves our care we retain only the data required by statutory legislation and industry best practice and for the prescribed periods of time. Electronic data that is no longer required are deleted.

We keep the information about employees in order to meet HMRC requirements, and to comply with all areas of employment legislation We retain information after a member of staff has left our employment for the recommended period of time, then it is deleted or destroyed.


Sharing information with a third party

 We will only share child information with outside agencies on a need to know basis and with consent from parents. Except in cases relating to safeguarding children, criminal activities, or if required by legally authorized bodies (eg police HMRC etc)

If we decide to share information without parental consent, we will record this in the child’s file clearly stating our reasons.

We will only share information that is accurate and up to date. Our primary commitment is to the safety and well being of the children in our care.


Subject access requests

Parents/carers can ask to see the information and records relating to their child, and or any information we keep about themselves

Staff and volunteers can ask to see any information that we keep about them.

We will make the requested information available as soon as practicable, and will respond to the request within a month.

If our information is found to be incorrect or out of date we will update it promptly.

If any individual about whom we hold data has a complaint about how we have kept their information secure, or how we have responded to a subject access request, they may complain to the information commissioner’s office (ICO)



We comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regarding obtaining, storing and using personal data.


Staff are conversant with the child safeguarding guidelines of the area review committee currently in force and will act in accordance with them. The directors are responsible for liaison with other agencies as required.

Outdoor Play and Trips

Children may be taken outdoors to play as often as possible. 

We do have trips during the school club holidays of which you will be notified in advance. There is usually a small charge made for these and you will sign consent for these trips when you sign your child in for the day.

Photographic Consent

From time to time we would like to use photographs of the children for display work, advertising, the website, our Facebook page and for parents to see what they have been doing in the out of school club. If you do not give your consent for your child’s picture to be taken and used in this way please indicate so on the agreement form. If you say nothing we will assume consent is given.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 virus

Gosforth Park Out of School Club recognises the importance of advanced planning in order to maintain services and limit the spread of the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, within our setting.

COVID-19 is a viral infection similar to flu, spread from person to person by close contact. It typically causes fever and a dry cough, and in some cases may progress to viral pneumonia which cannot be treated by antibiotics. Symptoms of COVID-19 can include:

Sore throat
Difficulty breathing


The government definition of a contact includes:

·       any pupil, student or staff member in close face-to-face or touching contact including those undertaking small group work (within 2 metres of the case for more than 15 minutes)

·       talking with or being coughed on for any length of time while the individual is symptomatic

·       anyone who has cleaned up any bodily fluids of the individual

·       close friendship groups

·       any pupil, student or staff member living in the same household as a confirmed case, or equivalent setting such as boarding school dormitory or other student accommodation

Contacts are not considered cases and if they are well, they are very unlikely to have spread the infection to others.


Any child who becomes ill with symptoms which could be COVID-19 while at the Club will be isolated from the other children by at least two metres until the child can be collected by his or her parents. Most suspected cases turn out to be negative so the Club will remain open unless or until advised otherwise by the local Health Protection Team, but parents and staff will be informed, especially those in high-risk groups.

Should any children or staff or members of a household in which a child or staff member lives experience a cough which lasts more than 4 hours or a high temperature they should stay away from the club for 14 days and self isolate as per the government advice.

If any staff or children have returned from a high risk area they will be asked to stay away from the Club for 14 days from their date of return.


Infection control
Like the common cold and other flu viruses, COVID-19 is spread by:
·       Infected people passing the virus to others through large droplets when coughing, sneezing, or even talking within a close distance.
·       Direct contact with an infected person: for example, if you shake or hold their hand, and then touch your own mouth, eyes or nose without first washing your hands.

·       Touching objects (eg door handles, light switches) that have previously been touched by an infected person, then touching your own mouth, eyes or nose without first washing your hands. Viruses can survive longer on hard surfaces than on soft or absorbent surfaces.

We will limit the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 at the Club by:

·       Regular handwashing by staff and children

·       Minimising contact between our hands and mouth/nose

·       Covering nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing; using a tissue when possible, and disposing of the tissue promptly and carefully (bag it and bin it)

·       Cleaning hard surfaces (eg door handles, light-switches, tables, etc) with sanitizer frequently

·       Encouraging the children at the Club to follow the guidance above

·       Instructing staff to remain at home if they display any relevant symptoms, or sending them home if they first display symptoms while at work.

At Gosforth Park Out of School Club we will promote infection control through the methods above, and in addition we will:

·       Display posters and information to promote infection control

·       Ensure that adequate supplies of cleaning materials are available within the Club

·       Dispose of waste promptly and hygienically

·       Provide tissues and suitable facilities for their disposal.

The latest advice is that closing individual settings is of limited benefit in stopping the spread of the disease. However, there may be some occasions when we will have to consider temporarily closing the Club because we have too few unaffected staff to run sessions safely. If this occurs the manager will contact Newcastle Early Years service] for further support and guidance.

The Club will also have to close if advised to do so by the local authority in the interest of safeguarding the children in our care.

In the event of closure, the manager will notify parents or carers as soon as possible. The manager will also inform Newcastle Early Years as well as other relevant parties, eg feeder schools, other users of shared premises, etc. The manager will also notify Ofsted of the closure.

Advance planning
In preparation for dealing with COVID-19, the Club will ensure that all contact details for staff, children and parents are up to date.

We will prepare letters of notification for parents and staff, so that they can be distributed immediately if an outbreak occurs. Replace this with we will ensure all mobile contacts are up to date so parents can be notified by text immediately if an outbreak occurs

We will endeavour to build a bank of relief or supply staff who are able to provide cover should staffing levels fall below the required legal minimums. Any relief staff will be DBS checked at the time of joining our team, so that they are legally able to work with children should the situation arise. If there has not been time to complete a DBS that member of staff will be allowed to work until the clearance is received but will not be allowed unsupervised contact with any children.

The Club will regularly update its information regarding COVID-19, by checking the latest guidance from Public Health England and the local authority and will inform parents and staff of any changes to our emergency plans.

Food and Nutrition

Gosforth Park Out of School Club provides healthy, nutritious and balanced food and drinks. Food and drink are safely prepared with regard to the dietary and religious requirements of the children in our care. We ask parents to notify us regarding any special dietary requirements or allergies when they register their child.

At Gosforth Park Out of School Club we provide suitable healthy snacks for all the children this consists of a breakfast in the mornings, a snack after school and a tea during holidays.

Senior staff will have a basic food hygiene certificate and will train the young staff who work part time in food hygiene.

Staff discuss with children the importance of a balanced diet where appropriate. The Club does not regularly provide sweets for children. We limit access to fatty or sugary foods.

All staff will be aware of health and dietary requirements of children in the club and will check the lists provided before preparing food.

No child will be forced to eat or made to finish food they do not want.

Children are encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners.

There will be a list displayed of contents of any food that might cause a food allergy.

At every sitting dried fruit will be available, the only drink available is water and is available at all times.

Where appropriate, children are involved in planning and preparing food and snacks. Children will clean their hands with wet wipes prior to getting food. Children will put any left over food in the bin provided and stack their dirty plates and bowls for a staff member and children who volunteer to wash. At breakfast a range of healthy cereals with semi skimmed milk and brown bread toast with spreads will be provided, children will serve their own cereal and staff will prepare toast. Older children can help younger ones to spread toppings on toast.

In the evenings brown toast and dried fruit is available as soon as children come in from their schools. Staff will have already set up tables and plates will be collected by children to put their toast on. Children will sit down at the tables to eat their food, no one can move around the hall eating food. Children are allowed one slice at a time but can go for as many slices as they want. When they have finished they return their plates and cups to the table where staff aided by some children will wash them.
In the holidays tea will alternate between toast with beans or spaghetti or a cold tea with bread, spread and sliced meats. Fresh fruit will be available at all meals in the holidays.

Breakfast will be as in term time and children will bring a packed lunch. Parents are advised to put a cool block in the lunch pack as the club does not have adequate fridge space for lunch boxes.


At the end of every session staff will wash all utensils and wipe all the tables with an antibacterial spray, all waste food will be bagged and put into the outside skip, all bread and cereals will be stored in plastic containers with lids and any perishables will be stored in the fridge, staff will sweep and food waste off the floors and dispose of it in agreed way.

Some of our activities also include food, for instance baking and food tasting from different countries.

Health and Safety

Gosforth Park Out of School Club considers health and safety to be of utmost importance. We comply with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 at all times.

The Club has appropriate insurance cover, including employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance.

Each member of staff follows the Club’s Health and Safety policy and is responsible for:

  • Maintaining a safe environment
  • Taking reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others attending the Club
  • Reporting all accidents and incidents which have caused injury or damage or may do so in the future
  • Undertaking relevant health and safety training when required to do so by the manager.
  • Any member of staff who disregards safety instructions or recognised safe practices will be subject to disciplinary procedures.


Responsibilities of the registered person

The registered person for the setting holds ultimate responsibility and liability for the safe operation of the Club. The registered person will ensure that:

  • The Club’s designated health and safety officers are Zoe Church and Natalie Johnson.
  • All staff receive information on health and safety matters, and receive training where necessary
  • The Health and Safety policy and procedures are reviewed regularly
  • Staff understand and follow health and safety procedures
  • Resources are provided to meet the Club’s health and safety responsibilities
  • All accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences are properly reported and recorded. This includes informing Ofsted, child protection agencies and the Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995) where appropriate.
  • All reported accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences are reviewed, so that preventative measures can be taken.


Responsibilities of the manager

The Club’s manager is responsible for ensuring that at each session:

  • Premises are clean, well lit, adequately ventilated and maintained at an appropriate temperature
  • The premises are used by and solely available to the Club during opening hours
  • All the Club’s equipment is safely and securely stored
  • Children are only allowed in the kitchen area if properly supervised (eg for a cooking activity)
  • A working telephone is available on the premises at all times
  • Chemicals and cleaning materials are stored appropriately, and in accordance with CoSSH data sheets.
  • External pathways are cleared in severe weather
  • Daily environment checks are carried out in accordance with our Risk Assessment policy.



Children are not allowed to leave the Club premises during the session unless prior permission has been given by the parents (for example, to attend other extra-curricular activities).

During Club sessions all external doors are kept locked, with the exception of fire doors which are alarmed. Staff monitor the entrances and exits to the premises throughout the session.

All visitors to the Club must sign the Visitor Log and give the reason for their visit. Visitors will never be left alone with the children. If a visitor has no reason to be on the Club’s premises we will escort them from the premises. If the visitor refuses to leave, we will call the police. In such an event an Incident Record will be completed and the manager will be immediately notified.

Security procedures will be regularly reviewed by the manager, in consultation with staff and parents.


Toys and equipment

All furniture, toys and equipment are kept clean, well maintained and in good repair. We select toys, equipment and resources with care, and we carry out risk assessments before the children are allowed to use them. Broken toys and equipment are disposed of promptly.

We ensure that any flammable equipment is stored safely.


Food and personal hygiene

Staff at Gosforth Park Out of School Club maintain high standards of personal hygiene, and take all practicable steps to prevent and control the spread of infection.

  • A generally clean environment is maintained at all times.
  • Toilets are cleaned daily and soap and hand drying facilities are always available.
  • Staff are trained in food hygiene and follow appropriate guidelines.
  • Waste is disposed of safely and all bins are kept covered.
  • Staff ensure that children wash their hands before handling food or drink and after using the toilet.
  • Cuts and abrasions (whether on children or staff) are kept covered.


Dealing with body fluids

Spillages of blood, vomit, urine and faeces will be cleaned up immediately in accordance with our Intimate Care policy.


Staffing levels

Staff ratios and levels of supervision are always appropriate to the number, ages and abilities of the children present, and to the risks associated with the activities being undertaken. A minimum of two members of staff are on duty at any time.

Emergency Evacuation/Closure Procedure

Gosforth Park Out of School Club will make every effort to keep the Club open, but in exceptional circumstances, we may need to close at short notice.

The following are possible reasons for emergency evacuation or closure:

  • Serious weather conditions
  • Heating system failure
  • Burst water pipes
  • Fire or bomb scare/explosion
  • Death of a member of staff or child
  • Serious assault on a staff member or child
  • Serious accident or illness
  • Illness epidemic

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency our primary concern will be to ensure that both children and staff are kept safe. If it is necessary to evacuate the Club, the following steps will be taken:

  • If appropriate the manager or session supervisor will contact the emergency services.
  • All children will be escorted from the building to the assembly point using the nearest safe exit.
  • No attempt will be made to collect personal belongings, or to re-enter the building after evacuation.
  • A nominated member of staff will check the premises and will collect the register (including emergency contact details) providing that this does not put anyone at risk.
  • Before leaving the building the designated person will close all accessible doors and windows, if it is safe to do so.
  • The register will be taken and all children and staff accounted for.
  • If any person is missing from the register, the emergency services will be informed immediately.
  • The manager will contact parents to collect their children. If the register is not available, the manager will use the emergency contacts list (these are accessible online and by phone via the Directors).
  • All children will be supervised until they are safely collected.
  • If after every attempt, a child’s parent or carers cannot be contacted, the Club will follow its Uncollected Child


Closing out-of-hours (e.g. due to bad weather)


  • If the club needs to be closed in the morning, a decision will be reached as early as possible in the morning by the Directors in consultation with the senior managers and head teacher of Gosforth Park First School.
  • The closure of the club will be announced on the website and Facebook page. A pre-recorded message will be left on the answerphone where possible to advise anyone ringing the centre or setting that it will remain closed.
  • The Directors will contact all relevant staff to advise them of the closure. Staff are responsible for ensuring that the centre or setting has their up-to-date contact details.
  • All parents will be sent a text

Closing the Club during a session (e.g. bad weather)

  • The Senior Managers in consultation with the Directors will decide if the centre or setting needs to be closed unexpectedly (for example, due to deteriorating weather conditions).
  • If the centre or setting needs to be evacuated in an emergency, the above procedures will be used.
  • Staff will make every effort to contact parents/carers (or emergency contact nominated by the parent/carer) of the children that are in our care.
  • If parents/carers have to be called to collect their children, children will be looked after safely by staff until they can be contacted.
  • Depending on the emergency, this may be in the centre or setting, in another place of safety, or it may be outside. If parents/carers cannot be contacted, the Late/Non-collection of Children policy will be followed.
  • Telephoning parents to ask them to collect their children will be the joint responsibility of the Senior Managers, Directors and appropriate staff members as designated.
  • All appropriate staff should carry mobiles to enable parents/carers to be contacted should it be unsafe to remain in the building.
  • A telephone message, outlining the procedures that are being taken, should be left on the centre’s or setting’s answerphone where possible to advise anyone trying to contact the centre or setting of what has happened

Closing the Club due to sickness

  • Parents/carers should inform the centre or setting if their child has been diagnosed with any infectious illness so that we can inform parents, staff and visitors that we have had a case in the centre or setting. This allows other parents to be on the lookout for the symptoms in their child. Special notices and updates should be displayed in a visible place inside the centre or setting. Children and adults who are unwell with an infectious disease should NOT attend the club and they should NOT return until the risk of passing on the infection has passed. For more information on exclusion periods, please see the HPA Infection Control document.
  • If a child at the centre or setting displays the symptoms of an infectious disease, the parents/carers should be contacted to take the child home and to seek medical advice. They should not return to the centre or setting until they are symptom-free for 48 hours. This also applies to parents.
  • Healthy children, with no symptoms, even if they have travelled to a region where there is an outbreak of a disease, should not be kept away from the centre or setting.
  • Where there is a risk of an epidemic or pandemic in the community, we will at all times follow the official government health guidelines, including closing the centre or setting if necessary to prevent the spread of infection. If the decision is taken to close the centre or setting, it will be taken by the Directors in conjunction with the appropriate health authorities. It will take effect from the end of the current working day and there is no need to send children home early unless they are displaying symptoms.  
  • When we are informed that a disease is notifiable, we will advise the necessary authorities including Ofsted.

Re-opening the Club after emergency closure

The decision to re-open the centre or setting will be taken by the Directors in conjunction with the emergency services if necessary.

Staff will be contacted by the Directors to advise them that the centre or setting has re-opened where necessary.

The reasons for closing the centre or setting will be recorded in the Incident Book or other formal record kept by the centre or setting.

Where possible, the setting’s website or other social media will be updated to advise parents/carers that the centre or setting has re-opened.


Payment of Fees

These conditions have been drawn up in a way that is considered to be fair to parents and the club.

If the club is open but a child is unable to attend (because they are ill or in quarantine) then the parents still need to pay, as we are still available to provide the service.

If the club is forced to close temporarily at short notice, due to a shortfall on our part (eg shortage of staff) then we aren't available to provide the service, so we would offer parents a credit against the days that we weren't open.

If the club is forced to close at short notice due to circumstances outside of our control, then the situation is less clear cut. For a one-off closure such as a snow day or an emergency clean after a notifiable disease, we do charge as we already have staff lined up to work that day, have bought food, resources, etc. For an extended closure of two weeks for example, we won’t have bought food or materials, but we will still have rent and staff costs to pay. In this circumstance we will offer parents  50%  credit against the days we are forced to close.  If a child cannot attend because they legally are required to self isolate during the Covid19 pandemic then parents will be offered a 50% deduction for this period too.

Late Collection

When you drop your children off or collect them please don’t forget to sign the attendance sheet. If someone other than the authorised person is going to collect them please let us know.

It is also very important to let us know if your child is not going to be attending after school. Please do not send a message through the class teacher or via the child. You can leave us a note or ring and leave a message on any of the contact numbers. If we do not receive a message we have to ring you or your emergency contacts this is time consuming for staff at the busiest time of day when their focus is on getting the children settled. If we can get no reply we then have to ring the police to report the child missing. Please do not use email to inform us of a child not attending if it is within 24 hours as we can not guarantee to see it in time.

All children from the First and Primary Schools are collected from school by a member of staff. Reception and nursery children are     collected directly from their classrooms. Other children are asked to meet us as follows:

St Oswalds - in the dining hall

Broadway East - in the school hall

Gosforth Park - in the school hall

The children are signed out by a member of the school staff and escorted by members of the out of school club staff to the Club. These escorts are all known to school staff. Children aged 8 and over can come unaccompanied if they wish. For this we must first have a letter of consent from parents.

Children at GEMS have to go to and come from school unaccompanied. We still need a letter of consent for this.

We recognise that there are occasions when breakdowns and emergencies will cause children to be collected late and staff will do all in their power to allow for this and minimise the children’s distress. However on some occasions it may not be possible to stay on the school premises with the child. If the child is uncollected 15 minutes after the official closing time and we have not heard from you, the emergency contact will be notified and asked to collect the child.

If your child is booked in until 5pm and you inform us that you are going to be late you will be charged for an extra hour. If this happens on a regular basis you will be asked to make a regular booking until 6pm. If you do not inform us a penalty fee of £5 per 15 minutes or part thereof per child will be charged.

If you collect your child after 6pm a penalty fee of £10 per family will be charged per 15 minutes.


Club Rules

We do have rules displayed in the out of school club, written by the children. We revise these at the beginning of a school year when new children are starting. We would strongly encourage you to look at these rules with your children so that you are able to reinforce them. You may also have comments on them, which we would be very glad to hear.[/tab] [tab title="Parental Involvement"]

We are very keen to involve parents and children in planning as much as possible. We would welcome any comments, suggestions or advice! If there is enough interest we would like to look into the possibility of forming a parents group. If you think this may appeal to you please do speak to us.

We have a booklet for all children in the Foundation Stage that is shared between us, school and home as an ongoing record of their development and a communication tool.

Please also keep us informed about your children, particularly of any special events going on for them.

If you would like to speak to the out of school club leader about any concerns that you have and wish to do this in private please let us know beforehand where possible so that we can arrange a suitable room. You may also contact Margaret or Jo on the numbers given on the Contact page between the hours of 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday. You may of course also email us.

All new reception and nursery aged children and parents will have an initial meeting with the out of school club leader before they start.

We welcome visits from new or interested parents and children any time. There is no need to book, just drop in. We would advise that you avoid making a visit between 3pm and 4pm as this is the time that the children are all arriving and the staff will not be able to give you the same attention.