Food and Nutrition

Gosforth Park Out of School Club

Food & Nutrition Policy


Gosforth Park Out of School Club provides healthy, nutritious and balanced food and drinks. Food and drink are safely prepared with regard to the dietary and religious requirements of the children in our care. We ask parents to notify us regarding any special dietary requirements or allergies when they register their child.


At Gosforth Park Out of School Club We provide suitable healthy snacks for all the children  this consists of a breakfast in the mornings, a snack after school and a tea during holidays.


Senior staff will have a basic food hygiene certificate and will train the young staff who work part time in food hygiene.


Staff discuss with children the importance of a balanced diet where appropriate. The Club does not regularly provide sweets for children. We limit access to fatty or sugary foods.


All staff will be aware of health and dietary requirements of children in the club and will check the lists provided before preparing food.


No child will be forced to eat or made to finish food they do not want.


Children are encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners


There will be a list displayed of contents of any food that might cause a food allergy.


At every sitting dried fruit will be available, the only drink available is water and is available at all times.


Where appropriate, children are involved in planning and preparing food and snacks. Children will clean their hands with wet wipes prior to getting food. Children will put any left over food in the bin provided and stack their dirty plates and bowls for a staff member and children who volunteer to wash. At breakfast a range of healthy cereals with semi skimmed milk  and brown bread toast with spreads will be provided, children will help serve their own cereal where possible and staff will prepare toast. Older children can help younger ones to spread toppings on toast.



In the evenings brown toast and dried fruit is available as soon as children come in from their schools. Staff will have already set up tables and plates will be collected by children to put their toast on. Children will sit down at the tables to eat their food, no one can move around the hall eating food. Children are allowed one slice at a time but can go for as many slices as they want. When they have finished they return their plates and cups to the table where staff aided by some children will wash them.


In the holidays tea will alternate between toast with beans or spaghetti or a cold tea with bread, spread and sliced meats. Fresh fruit will be available at all meals in the holidays.

Breakfast will be as in term time and children will bring a packed lunch. Parents are advised to put a cool block in the lunch pack as the club does not have adequate fridge space for lunch boxes.


At the end of every session staff will wash all utensils and wipe all the tables with an antibacterial spray, all waste food will be bagged and put into the outside skip, all bread and cereals will be stored in plastic containers with lids and any perishables will be stored in the fridge, staff will sweep and food waste off the floors and dispose of it in agreed way.

Some of our activities also include food, for instance baking and food tasting from different countries.