Important Info for Summer Holidays 2020

This page was updated on 17th July 2020

Covid 19

Please refer to our Covid 19 update page. You will find our current risk assessment and operating plan for term time and the holidays. This will be continuously reviewed and updated in accordance with any new government guidance. This includes details of how we are “bubbling” the children.


Children will need to bring a packed lunch. Breakfast and tea are included in the price. We can not store packed lunches in a fridge so suggest you use an ice block. We do have a healthy eating policy so would encourage you to pack a healthy lunch for your children to help us with this.If you are including grapes in your child’s packed lunch please could you ensure that they are cut in half lengthways. We are a nut free club and do have a child attending with a severe nut allergy so please make sure that you do not include any items that contain nuts.


We will be outside most of the time. There is plenty of shade in our play area thanks to some big trees, however inevitably the children spend time out in the sunshine. If you would like your children to wear sun screen please apply it before they arrive. If it will need topping up during the course of the day please send a labelled bottle with your child. Staff will closely supervise the children to do this but, in light of Covid-19 restrictions, will not be able to apply it for them.

What to bring

Please ensure you provide your children with suncream, hat and coat as appropriate for our wonderful British weather.  On days when water play is scheduled please send them with a towel and a complete spare set of clothes, including shoes. They do get wet, literally through to the skin sometimes. We would also suggest that children never wear best clothes to attend any sessions – we often do messy activities. If children do not bring clothes and a towel they will not be able to partake in water play as this year we can not supply spare towels and clothes, for hygiene reasons.

If your child is attending on August 24th please send an item of clothing to tie dye, eg socks, cap, plain T shirt.


What not to bring

This year, due to Covid19 restrictions we are unable to allow children to bring their own toys, this includes their own hand held computer games. Please do not send water bottles. We will supply water and cups.

Arrival and Departure Procedures


  • On the first occasion that your child attends, and on subsequent days until they are happily settled, one parent or carer may accompany the child to the front door of Gosforth Park First School. Parents are not allowed to enter the building. A staff member will answer the door and the child will be handed over at the door.


  • For children who have previously attended and all new children once they are settled, we ask you to accompany your child to the bottom of the ramp only, then to stand back and wait until your child has been let in by a member of staff. Only one family group must be on the ramp at any one time. Parents are asked to use the rainbow markers on the ground to queue up to the ramp.


  • If children arrive after the groups have gone out to play parents please follow the same routine but at the gates to the school playground rather than the ramp. If you cannot catch a member of staff’s attention you will need to text or call the club mobile 07941413728.



  • Please text the club from the car park when you arrive to collect your child (07941413728). You can then come up to the bottom of the ramp to wait for the staff to come to the door with the children. Only one parent/carer per family should collect.
  • If the children are playing outside, please come to the gates to the playground and wait outside them, again using the rainbow markers to queue. Staff will send the children down the walkway to the gates, using walkie talkies to communicate between each other so a member of staff is always able to see that your child has reached you.
  • If the activities are being run outside then from 3pm onwards staff will ensure that children have taken all of their belongings outside with them to reduce the need to re-enter the hall to collect them while parents are waiting. If you are going to arrive before 3pm please give the staff at least half an hours’ notice to ensure that the children have their belongings with them. It would be preferable if you could let staff know this in the morning.

It is imperative that you have completed an online application form for your child before coming to the club as this year we can not let parents on to the premises so there is no option to complete a paper form when you drop them off.

We do ask that you ensure you arrive no later than 6pm as we only have the premises until this time. Anybody collecting later will be charged £10 per 15 minutes towards staff and hire costs incurred.


Special Needs

Please let us know of any special needs that your child has before they attend the club.