Special Educational Needs

Gosforth Park Out of School Club

Special Educational Needs Policy



At Gosforth Park Out of School Club Ltd every child is equal, valued and unique. We aim to provide an environment where every child feels safe and can flourish.

We will respond to individual’s ways which take into account their varied life experiences and particular needs and ensure inclusion for all children.




To ensure equality of provision for children with special educational needs.

To ensure that any children identified with SEN are planned for appropriately

To ensure parents/carers are fully engaged in decision making.

To work with schools in understanding a child’s needs and work together to support the child.


Roles and responsibilities of the special needs coordinator (SENCO)



Overseeing the day to day operation of the policy.

Liaising with the designated teacher where a child has SEN

Liaising with the parent/carers of pupils with SEN

Being the key worker for contact with parents

The special needs coordinator is Zoe Church.