October Half Term Monday 23rd October – 27th October 2023

We are open to all children from Monday 23th October to Friday 27th October, 8am to 6pm.

As you will all be aware Catholic schools have a different October Half Term this year. This means we will be running a Holiday club from 23rd October to 27th October. We are open to Children from ALL Catholic schools and will be operating from St Oswalds Primary School, Gosforth.

Each day will have a different theme with focused activities and games, in addition to those that are always available, ie role play areas, board games, jigsaws, colouring, lego and construction toys. Outdoor play in our exciting outdoor play area or simply chilling with friends

If you would like to book a childcare place  for your children in any session simply go to our Make a Booking page, scroll down to the Holidays section and follow the instructions there to complete a childcare application form. If you have previously done so and there are no changes to your details then you can go straight to the booking page as below.

Once you have done this then you can book your desired sessions and see availability:

Book Here

If the day that you require is full then please email us as we do run a waiting list.